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Young Architects Competitions hosted a design contest for a new research and test centre for the hyperloop transportation system. The Mojave Desert is the site of the proposal and it is known for its beautiful mountain ranges. The undulating natural formations which characterise the landscape has a distinct topography known as basin and range - consisiting of alternating mountain ranges and deep valleys, some of which fall below sea level. Inspired by the elegance of the local context, the proposal pays homage to the elements of the terrain in its form as the surface of the building sweeps in an upward direction in parallel with the extreme elevations of the surrounding mountains, followed by abrupt movement downward - creating basins much like those found in the Mojave Desert. In some distances, the valleys are purposefully exaggerated to create surfaces that move downward from the roof to meet the ground - forming distinct column-like structures.

+ Competition entry 2020

+ Mojave Desert, Nevada

+ Client: Hyperloop

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